Tuesday 14 November 2017

This conference takes place at the Copenhagen Midwifery School.
Metropol, Sigurdsgade 26, 2200 København N.

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A similar symposium, mostly in Danish, will be held in Aarhus on 14 September.

The day before and the day after is filled with intense workshops for midwives and other health professionals. More info: workshops 13 November and 15 November.


Programme (changes may occour)

09.00    Registration. A light breakfast is served


10.00    Greetings and welcome

              Director of Midwifery Studies Metropol,Bodil Kirstine Møller

10.10    The effect of maneuvers for shoulder delivery on perineal 

              trauma: a randomized controlled trial.

             Anna Aabakke, MD & PhD, Holbæk Hospital
             Hanne Willer
, Midwife & Mid.Master Student, Holbæk Hospital

10.40    Midwives' Management during the Second Stage of Labor in  

              Relation to Second-Degree Tears -An Experimental Study           

             Malin Edqvist, Midwife & Researcher. The Sahlgrenska Academy,         
             University of Gothenburg, Sweden. 

11.10    Healing perineal trauma: a new e-learning module in 2017

             Sara Kindberg and Henriette Gregersen, AUH & GynZone

11.40    Discussion

12.00    Lunch and time to meet dear colleagues and friends


13.00    Typical pregnancy and after birth problems, seen in an 

              osteopathic therapeutic perspective

             Tommy Hedelund, physiotherapist & osteopath. Private Clinic in DK

13.30    Working with the power of the body: Spinning Babies

             Jennifer Walker. Approved Spinning Babies trainer.

14.00    How Can Manual Rotation Reduce Vacuum, Forceps and

              Caesarean Deliveries? - A Review of the Evidence

             Cathrine Os, Midwife. Oslo University Hospital, Norway

14.30    Break. Visit the exhibition

15.00    Midwifery and our professional identity

             Marie Louise M, Knudsen, Midwife & Lecturer at UC Nordjylland

15.30    Birth Room Design: International trends

             Peggy Seehafer. Midwife and antropologist. GynZone Germany

16.00    It should not cost a life to give life. Births in the 3rd world

             Sara Thordal Jensen, Clinical and Educational Coordinator.
             Susanne Houd, Midwife & MPH
             Maternity Foundation

16.30    Closing remarks 

17:00    Goodbye. Light refreshments and network until 18.00

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