This conference takes place at:

University College Copenhagen
Sigurdsgade 26
2200 København N. 


Program for symposiet onsdag 14. november 2019

09.00    Registration. Breakfast and network.


10.00    Welcome to Copenhagen University College

              Name Name

10.10    Prevention of perineal injury: Involving the patients

             Midwife Charlotte Sander and obstetrician Ole Bredahl Rasmussen
             Herning Hospital, Denmark

10.45    Setting up a "Perineal Staff Group"

             Name Name
             Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sweden

11.15    My experience with an anal sphincter injury

             Name Name
             University / work place

12.00    Frokost og tid til at besøge udstillerne


13.00    The EVA Trial. Episiotomy or not during instrumental delivery

             Sophia Brismar Wendel
             Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

13.40    Title

             Name Name
             University / work place

14.15    Kaffe og kage og tid til at besøge udstillerne

15.00    Title

             Name Name
             University / work place

15.30    Development of a new speculum for perineal repair

             Malene Hegenberger
             Hegenberger Speculum ApS

16.00    Postpartum perineal repair: pain relief options

             Sara Kindberg, midwife PhD
             Aarhus University Hospital / GynZone

17.00    Network, wine & dine :-)